Creo Elements/Direct Modeling PE 3.0

Creo Elements/Direct Modeling PE 3.0: A free download from the Creo Elements product family brought to you by PTC If you have read about direct, geometry-based 3D CAD, you know it is the best approach for creating flexible, lightweight designs. Now, PTC brings you a free download from the Creo Elements/Direct product family - Creo Elements/Direct Modeling PE, a 3D CAD system you can use for assemblies with up to 60 parts. Download a FREE version of Creo Elements/Direct Modeling PE today and see how liberating a direct, geometry-based 3D CAD system can be.

Direct Folders 3.71: Quick access to your favorite/recent folders and files.
Direct Folders 3.71

Direct Folders guarantees you quick and direct access to your favorite and recent folders. Now you can jump to any deeply nested folder in just a single mouse click! It also automatically resizes every standard file dialog, so you can see a larger number of files. You will be able to find what you are looking for with a lot less scrolling. One of the many useful features of Direct Folders is its ability to automatically switch the folder view of

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Direct Stream Recorder 3.2: Record any video and audio stream, including video chats and Skype
Direct Stream Recorder 3.2

Direct Stream Recorder to create video guides explaining users how to perform various operations and adjustments with some software. Direct Stream Recorder can save the content of your audio CDs. You just need to select the CD-line as a source and define the format for the saved file, then enjoy your favorite music while Direct Stream Recorder is saving it to the disk. The software offers you many options to adjust. You can set the size of a captured

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TR Speaker component 2: If your program uses this component, it can read aloud any text data.
TR Speaker component 2

Direct Speech Synthesis control (DirectSS). TRSpeaker has all the methods, properties and events that the MS Direct Speech Synthesis control has. So you can use it the same way as the DirectSS. Why then should I use TRSpeaker instead of DirectSS control? 1. Unlike the DirectSS, TRSpeaker is safe for scripting, initializing and executing. It simply means that you will not get all those annoying messages and warnings, every time you load your web page

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Mail Direct 2.6: Send mail directly to recipients,  bypassing your ISP`s SMTP server.
Mail Direct 2.6

Mail Direct is a program designed to send emails fastly, safely and directly to recipients, bypassing your ISP`s mail server. It`s not a mail client but it has a built-in SMTP server which can be quickly setup for use with your favorite mail client. Mail Direct Pro has more options and powerful mail processing ability for professionals.

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Direct Mail Companies 1.0: Direct mail companies toolber for Internet Explorer.
Direct Mail Companies 1.0

Direct mail companies toolber for Internet Explorer. Find Direct Mail Companies resources.Get latest information of new neighbor list. You can get all the information directly from your browser.

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007 Link Partner Finder 1.3: Easy to find relevant higher PR sites with direct add your links page.
007 Link Partner Finder 1.3

direct add your links page. Fast Find: Easy to find thousands of potential link partners as you like. Direct Add Link Pages: All the link pages found are direct add link page, that you can add your link directly. Such as,, Only Relevant links: All the links are relevant to your website`s keyword or topic. PageRank Analysis: Easy to check the PageRank of every direct add link

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